Tomorrow was so different, so appealing, 2018, Gallery Sobering, Paris

Yesterday´s tomorrow is not today, so maybe today´s tomorrow won’t be quite what you expected…
J.G. Ballard

In her show “Tomorrow was so different, so appealing” Alexandra Hopf triggers
the view into a future paradoxically envisioning the past. The show comprises paintings
and objects resembling artifacts of a past avant-garde.

Alexandra Hopf´s paintings are created in the process of working on the painting – by painting, painting over, removing and revealing deeper layers of paint; by working on the surface, which she makes visible as something with depth. The depth of her surfaces does not conceal a measurable space, but rather the depth of time – she imparts to the contemplative regard the time of their genesis, the layered, recorded time. Her works emerge from the gradual layering of paint and its partial removal. In Alexandra Hopf's work, the artistic act is a process of layering and de-materialisation. Her linearly ridged surfaces draw the beholder's attention not to the work of art itself, but to its materiality.

As history, the past is present. The folds of our skin point to the mystery and the transience of all things corporeal. In the work of Alexandra Hopf, they illustrate the pliability of the material and the opportunity for contemporary art to take a stance on questions of representation. It seems as if in her work, art were searching for a means of thinking itself together with the world – with a world in which nature and society are perceived not in their ruptures, but in their points of contact and transition.” 2

Alexandra Hopf´s paintings can be seen as afterimages incorporating the opposite of the perfect moment, pregnant with potentialities as they reveal in retrospect what this epiphanic moment had in “prospect”. Yet these artifacts do not merely signal decay but also a certain imaginative perspectivism in its hopeful and tragic dimension.