Screen Memories

Screen Memories, 2015, Salon Verlag engl., 96 pages with 75 colour images hard cover, 21,4 x 29,4 cm ISBN 978-3-89770-460-2

The works of Alexandra Hopf depict the work of art as the location of exceptional seeing. In her work, the Screen Memories of recent decades spring forth in blue from the folded up and then unfolded surface of our projections. As a formal element, as an artistic structure, the fold points from the surface on which it appears to the depths – it is, like modern art altogether, a probing phenomenon. (…) As history, the past is present. The folds of our skin point to the mystery and the transience of all things corporeal. In the work of Alexandra Hopf, they illustrate the pliability of the material and the opportunity for contemporary art to take a stance on questions of representation. It seems as if in her work, art were searching for a means of thinking itself together with the world – with a world in which nature and society are perceived not in their ruptures, but in their points of contact and transition. (Marc Wrasse)